Soccer Division I


As a student-athlete, I often feel overwhelmed by my athletic and academic commitments. My coach at MyHuddle gave me the individualized support I needed to reach my personal goals. MyHuddle was a resource that helped me improve my performance on the field and in the classroom.


Soccer Division I


Too often we wait to reach out or ask for help once we've reached a tipping point. With MyHuddle, I got a trusted coach who invested in me early on and provided helpful tips geared to my personal situation. Now, I have a better toolkit to manage my academic, athletic, and mental performance.


Volleyball Division IIII


MyHuddle is so much more that just “sports-based counseling.” It’s about bettering yourself on and off the court. A lot of my performance anxiety is deep rooted in things that have nothing to do with sports. Through understanding and accepting myself as I am, I’ve been able to begin to rebuild my confidence.


Soccer Division I


While a lot of us have great sports coaches and academic mentors, it's powerful to talk to someone who relates to all sides of the experience: athletic, academic, and extracurricular.

The Hidden Opponent members can now join MyHuddle!

Feeling stressed? Unmotivated? Looking for ways to better manage uncertainty and feel more confident? MyHuddle was co-founded by a D1 soccer player and orthopaedic surgeon who wanted to do more to help student-athletes thrive under the pressures and demands they face today.

Now, with support from the The Hidden Opponent's Leadership Team, we are offering a special pilot of MyHuddle for THO members!  Join and get matched to your own MyHuddle Coach to talk via text and video chat. MyHuddle coaches hold Masters or PhDs in sport psychology and are experienced in working with student-athletes on mental skills used by the pros like managing performance anxiety, using positive self-talk, strengthening self-confidence, staying motivated, and more! 


For a limited time, athletes who are members of The Hidden Opponent can access our service for just $25/week (70% discount from traditional services). Click the "Get Started" button below or book a free no-strings-attached consultation to learn more about our service and how it can help you by clicking here.

MyHuddle does not offer medical advice or diagnoses, or engage in the practice of medicine. The Services are not intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of medicine, therapy, nursing, pharmacy or other healthcare advice by MyHuddle.

Why join MyHuddle?

We're a modern mental wellness platform designed for student-athletes

It works with the busy life of a student-athlete

Access from anywhere — no in-office meetings or scheduling hassles

Qualified coaches who understand the student-athlete experience

Learn mental skills that help you succeed in both sport and life

Gain high-quality mental coaching at a fraction of the cost

How MyHuddle works


Sign Up

Answer a few questions and a MyHuddle onboarding specialist will get you setup.


Get Matched

We'll match you to a MyHuddle coach based on your preferences and needs.


Start coaching

Get an intro text from your MyHuddle Coach and

coaching kicks off!

What you get by joining the pilot

Daily text messaging with your MyHuddle coach (M-F, 9AM-5PM)

Weekly video chats with your MyHuddle coach

Tips and strategies to help you improve your mental game curated and posted for you on the app

How a MyHuddle coach can help you

MyHuddle coaches are trained in helping student-athletes build mental skills to both feel and perform at their best. They can help you: 

  • Manage stress in positive ways

  • Stay motivated through setbacks

  • Cope with uncertainty

  • Build self-confidence

  • Use positive self-talk to overcome doubts

  • Grow your leadership skills on & off the field

  • Deal with performance anxiety

  • Better manage emotions 

  • Use breathing & relaxation techniques

  • Incorporate visualization into your game

  • Deal with burnout

  • Stay determined through injury

  • Develop stronger focus & concentration

  • And many more!

Not quite sure?

Chat with a member of our team | Call/text 424-352-0003


Meet a few of the MyHuddle coaches

Our network of coaches hold Masters or PhDs in sport psychology or mental health coaching. All our coaches uniquely understand what it's like to be a student-athlete from their extensive work with student-athletes and/or their own experience as an athlete. Get matched today!

Are you a sport psychology professional? Apply to join our network.

What student-athletes are saying about MyHuddle

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a MyHuddle coach help me with?

MyHuddle coaches specialize in working with high school and college athletes to develop mental skills and strategies to support overall wellbeing, mental health, and sport performance. Areas that our coaches address include but are not limited to:​

  • Managing stress and performance anxiety

  • Staying motivated through sport cancellations 

  • Strengthening self-confidence 

  • Developing healthy habits and routines

  • Using positive self-talk to combat self-doubt

  • Managing emotions during injury recovery

  • How to use breathing to improve focus

  • Dealing with burnout

  • Any many more!

Not sure if a MyHuddle coach is right for you? Schedule a FREE consultation Text a member of our team at 424-352-0003.

Do you provide therapy? 

No, we do not provide licensed therapy. MyHuddle coaches are not therapists or medical doctors.  In cases of emergency, call 911. If you're experiencing a clinical or long-term issue, see a medical professional. 

What happens after I sign-up? 

Once you complete this sign-up form, you will receive a text message from a MyHuddle onboarding specialist who will learn more about your preferences and match you to the right MyHuddle coach. You'll then log into the MyHuddle mobile app and get to meet your coach! Note: if we are at capacity, we will let you know and place you automatically on our priority waitlist to be matched to a MyHuddle coach when our service expands.

How much does MyHuddle cost?

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to high quality mental support for student-athletes. You can get started for free with a no-strings-attached consultation call with MyHuddle's CEO, Christina. If you decide to move forward in the program, MyHuddle is offering special membership pricing of just $25/week for a limited time for athletes who are members of The Hidden Opponent. This is more than 70% off the cost of traditional services which on average cost $200-300+ per hour.  We can offer this competitive pricing while maintaining quality of coaching by delivering our services through MyHuddle's mobile-first platform.

I can't afford this. Is there still a way to join MyHuddle?

Absolutely. It is our mission to make mental coaching accessible and affordable to every student-athlete. In our current stage, our offerings are limited but we plan to launch more membership options and additional free services in the future. Join our waitlist HERE so you can be notified of new product releases, sign up to be a MyHuddle Insider to help inform the future products we build, and take advantage of our free tips-by-text program. You can also follow MyHuddle on instagram and youtube where we regularly share free mental coaching resources made for student-athletes.

What if I don't like my MyHuddle coach?

We do our best to match you to the MyHuddle coach based on your interests, goals, and preferences. If you start the process and feel your MyHuddle coach isn't a good fit, you may elect at any time to be matched to a different coach and we will work to make a seamless transition to another MyHuddle coach that's a better fit.

How do the video coaching sessions work?

The video coaching sessions are biweekly for up to 30 mins and conducted over zoom. You will work with your coach to schedule these at a time that is most convenient with your schedules.

How often can I text message with my MyHuddle coach?

Athletes can send text messages to their coach at any time but we ask that you please try to be respectful of business hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM - 5PM). You will receive a reply within 24 hours (and often times much sooner) to at least 5 text messages you send each week. After the fifth text messages in a week, your coach will do his/her best to respond in a timely manner but the response may not be within 24 hours. Student-athletes may also receive check-ins and tips from their MyHuddle coach via text. Responding to these texts is available but optional.

Who can sign up for the pilot?

The MyHuddle service is available for high school and college student-athlete based in the U.S. Athletes must be at least 13 years of age and if you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must provide consent for your participation on our signup form.

My parents have some questions before I sign up. Can they talk with you?

Yes, we would be happy to speak to your parents and answer any questions they have. Just send us an email at or have your parent call/text us at 424-352-0003. 

As a parent, how am I involved when the athlete is using MyHuddle?

If you'd like to join your athlete on their first video chat with their MyHuddle coach, you are welcome to do that. Once onboarding is complete, the coach will work with the athlete via text and video chat. This provides the athlete with a judgment-free space for self-expression and greater ownership of their journey. Additionally, all athletes who sign up must provide an emergency contact. If we ever suspect that your child may be at risk to themselves or others, we will notify this emergency contact immediately. If parents have concerns or questions at any point of the pilot, we'd be more than happy to chat. Just email or call/text us at 424-352-0003.

What is expected of me by participating in the pilot?

As an early member of MyHuddle, your feedback is critical to helping us achieve our mission and design a service that truly helps student-athletes. By participating, you'll be part of shaping the future of MyHuddle and we'll ask you to complete 2-3 brief surveys on your experience. While you can cancel at any time, our past work has shown that student-athletes get the most benefit when they use the service for at least 4 weeks.

Why is MyHuddle a weekly subscription?

We believe mental support shouldn't start and stop with an office visit. That's why MyHuddle gives members continued access to support and resources from their coach throughout the week. This comes in the form of video chats, on-demand messaging, text check-ins, and digital resources -- all sent right to you on the mobile app. The membership is automatically charged on a weekly basis but  you can cancel at anytime. If you cancel in the middle of a week, your payments and service will end the following week.

I have more questions. How can I learn more?

Email us at or give us a call/text at 424-352-0003.

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