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Expert-Led Mental Training Workshops On-Demand

The Huddles Library

'Huddles' are live online workshops where trained specialists in sport psychology and mental training guide student-athletes through exercises proven to strengthen mental skills. From topics like self-confidence to managing performance anxiety, Huddles give student-athletes a way to work on their mental strength together in a supportive, interactive environment. Missed the Huddle? No sweat 😅. Browse below to watch past Huddles on-demand!

Overcoming Injury for Student-Athletes | May 2, 2021

Are you a student-athlete dealing with an injury? At MyHuddle, we want to make sure athletes don't have to face injury alone. Join this huddle to hear from Professional Athlete and Mental Performance Consultant Karelle Edwards on her experience navigating injury and the strategies YOU can use to improve your recovery process. From imagery to goal-setting to relaxation techniques, athletes who join this session will have the opportunity to connect with other injured athletes while learning several valuable tactics to improve their recovery and return-to-play process. 

Stepping into your Leadership Power | April 28, 2021

Join MyHuddle Athletic Counselors Kathryn and Nina as they guide you through interactive activities  to improve your self-confidence and leadership potential. Learn how to trust more in yourself and trust in others to become the leader you want to be. You will be challenged to define what a successful leader looks like and leave this session with tactical steps to help define your leadership power.

Managing Performance Anxiety | March 31, 2021

Student-athletes are under incredible pressure to perform. So how can you manage your nerves and still perform at your best? Join Mental Performance Coach Kelley Castle as she shares the mental tools used by Olympians to manage their emotions and how you too can go for the gold.

Coming soon!

Overcoming Fear of Failure | March 27, 2021

With high expectations put on athletes today, it's common to be fearful of failing or making mistakes. In this session, Justice Shelton-Mosley, an NFL player and former D1 all-star, guides you through his experience overcoming this fear and equips you with tips and tactics used by the pros.

Strengthening Self-Confidence | March 15, 2021

Join MyHuddle's Athletic Counselors Kathryn and Nina as they guide you through interactive activities to improve self-talk and self-doubt. You will be challenged to look at your successes and your struggles and will leave this session feeling more confident and more comfortable discussing barriers to confidence with yourself and others.

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