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Mental Training Sessions for Teams

Interactive workshops led by sport psychs and elite athletes

This isn't another online lecture. Our workshops are designed to feel like a 'mental workout' with interactive exercises led by by trained experts.

Designed for today's student-athletes

Student-athletes face unique pressures & demands. Our workshops address topics most relevant to athletes today with experts who've been there too.

A community of athletes to grow with

You don't have to do it alone! Hear from fellow student-athletes to work on your mental strength while having fun.

More Huddles coming soon! 

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Example Huddles Previously Hosted

Stepping into your Leadership Power


Wed Apr 28th


45 minutes

watch the recording

Join MyHuddle Athletic Counselors Kathryn and Nina as they guide you through interactive activities  to improve your self-confidence and leadership potential. Learn how to trust more in yourself and trust in others to become the leader you want to be. You will be challenged to define what a successful leader looks like and leave this session with tactical steps and clearer vision for leading through adversity.

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 2.12.43 PM.png

Kathryn Colby &

Nina Winsick

Athletic counselors for college & high school athletes, Masters in Athletic Counseling 2021, former college athletes.

Overcoming Injuries for Student-Athletes


Sunday May 2nd


45 minutes

watch the recording

Are you a student-athlete dealing with an injury? At MyHuddle, we want to make sure athletes don't have to face injury alone. Join this huddle to hear from Professional Athlete and Mental Performance Consultant Karelle Edwards on her experience navigating injury and the strategies you can use to improve your recovery process. From imagery to goal-setting, athletes who join this session will have the opportunity to connect with other injured athletes while learning tactics to improve their recovery process. 

Karelle Edwards Headshot.JPG

Karelle Edwards

5X Team Canada Athlete and Mental Performance Consultant 

What athletes are saying

"My favorite part was the group activity. So many lectures and seminars are just someone talking the whole time. It was nice to get to interact. It helped me engage more."

-- John, Football | Texas

"Every single person had their camera on! I've never seen that before. You created a safe space for students. "

-- Karelle, Track and Field, Seattle

"It made me realize that there are other people struggling with the same things as me."

-- Katie, Basketball | New York

"I learned that there are others out there who are more relatable to me than I could've ever imagined."

-- Alayna, Wrestling | Ohio

"MyHuddle helped me realize that I am not alone in my thoughts. It is a learning process, and by connecting with people, I will help myself and others grow."

-- Emma, Volleyball and Track & Field | Wisconsin

Huddles Schedule

Why join?

  • Learn mental skills from trained sport psychs,  counselors, and elite athletes

  • Be led thru interactive exercises that improve sports performance and wellbeing

  • Gain a community of student-athletes to work on mental training together

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