Mental coaching made for the modern student-athlete

Fall season canceled? Feeling unmotivated or stressed? You're not alone. MyHuddle gives student-athletes on-demand access to mental skills coaching right from their phone. Get matched and talk with your MyHuddle coach by text and video chat, whenever it works for you. 


What We Offer

Support and advice for student-athletes, just a text away

We give student-athletes access to a MyHuddle™ coach right on their phone. No in-person appointments. No hassles. Our coaches understand what it's like to be a student-athlete and offer personalized coaching to improve mental wellness and mental performance that works with the busy life of a student-athlete.


Our mobile-first solution makes it easy for athletes  to connect with their MyHuddle™ coach whether at home or on-the-go.


We believe that cost should not be a barrier for student-athletes. That's why we offer free resources and a variety of plans to fit your needs.


MyHuddle was designed for athletes by athletes who understand the unique pressures and demands of being a student-athlete.


How we Work

Three simple steps to get started


Sign Up

Answer a few questions and a MyHuddle onboarding specialist will get you setup.


Get Matched

We'll match you to a MyHuddle coach based on your preferences and needs.


Start coaching

Get an intro text from your MyHuddle Coach and

coaching kicks off!

Questions? Call or text 424-352-0003

Our team comes from leading institutions

Who We Help

Designed for high school and college student-athletes

"This season has so much uncertainty, I feel overwhelmed."

"I wanted to play in college but now I'm stressed I can't get recruited."

"I'm struggling to stay motivated without my coaches and team."

"This injury has been so hard. Will I ever be the same?"

Whether you're trying to be the next Olympian or looking to have more fun playing your sport, MyHuddle™ was designed to help student-athletes thrive through the ups and downs. MyHuddle coaches are trained in teaching student-athletes mental skills and strategies like how to:

Positively deal with stress and anxiety

Overcome self-doubts and setbacks

Better manage the mental side of injury recovery

Improve consistency of athletic performance

Strengthen motivation and self-confidence


Why this Matters

Student-athletes are not getting the support they need


When done right, sports have lasting positive impacts

  • Physically active young people develop stronger cognitive and social skills, and carry healthier lifestyle habits into adulthood (Aspen Institute)


Young athletes today are under tremendous stress and pressure

  • 70% of teens say anxiety and depression is a major problem among their peers (Pew Research)

  • 1 in 3 NCAA athletes report being intractably overwhelmed (NCAA Goals Study)


Mental performance is widely recognized as important but few young athletes actively work on it

  • Scientific studies have shown that mental status can dramatically influence body physiology 

  • Many of the world's top professional athletes work with mental performance coaches (link)


Traditional methods of support are unable to meet the needs of young athletes today

  • Sport coaches have limited time and many demands to juggle, making it difficult to give one-on-one support

  • Sport psychologists typically cost $200+ per hour and require in-person appointments, making these services out of reach for many busy families


MyHuddle is a unique platform that connects you to coaches who really understand all aspects of being a student-athlete. While a lot of us have great sports coaches and academic mentors, it's powerful to talk to someone who relates to all sides of the experience: athletic, academic, extracurricular, and professional.

Junior, NCAA D1 Student-Athlete

Two years ago, my daughter went through a grueling rehabilitation after an ACL Tear. The emotional & psychological toll was heavy...I wish we had a resource like MyHuddle. And knowing she could take advantage of this type of support by text or video (no commute!) would have made it doubly appreciated!

Joy, mother of High School basketball player

Too often we wait to reach out or ask for help once we've reached a tipping point. With MyHuddle, I got a trusted coach who invested in me early on and provided helpful tips geared to my personal situation. Now no matter the situation, I have a toolkit to better manage my academic, athletic, and mental performance.

Senior, NCAA D1 Student-Athlete

What makes MyHuddle different?

We're a modern mental wellness platform designed for student-athletes

It works with your schedule - reach out on your own time

Access from anywhere — no in-office meetings or scheduling hassles

Qualified coaches who understand the student-athlete experience

Gain skills to proactively work on your mental wellbeing & health

Get high-quality mental coaching at a fraction of the cost

What's next?

Join other student-athletes finding success with MyHuddle

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